Tipton Speaks | About Bob
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About Bob

What About Bob?

I believe fervently in the VAST goodness of humanity (a few aberrations aside), and seek to drive positive, powerful energy everywhere I go.

I am the founder and CEO of Team Tipton (an organizational transformation firm), and a high-energy, innovative, and insightful transformational change architect, leadership facilitator, keynote speaker, and author.

My passion radiates in helping individuals, groups, and entire organizations reach for and achieve exceptional outcomes, and in changing the world—one relationship at a time.

Keynote Presentation

What’s Right, not Who’s Right – a simple shift to end the world’s madness

What if you could stop the madness in the world—through a simple shift?

Too much time is flat out wasted in the world today (business, politics, education — you name it) because we are mired in urination contests, in endless debating about who’s right, in bickering, politicking, and posturing.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think human nature is perfectible — we’ve been trying that for CENTURIES through philosophy, religion, etc. — with “some” benefits here and there. However, most of our efforts still fall short. After all, people are messy creatures who have all kinds of issues and imperfections.

That said, I believe we can do a much better job when it comes to treating each other with dignity and respect. We’re losing our humanity because we’re addicted to be “being correct” instead of “being connected.”

This powerful and insightful keynote will share a simple, profound secret…  By humanizing “the other,” by listening first, by truly walking a mile in someone else’s shoes, by leveraging the power in “What’s Right” instead of dealing with the toxicity of “Who’s Right,” the world around us will transform.

By attending, you’ll be rethinking your thinking and reimagining your leadership style — plan on it!

A Sampling of My Clients

At one point, early in my speaking career — I actually kept track of every presentation I’d ever given. But, during the past 25-30 years, I’ve literally given thousands of presentations to hundreds of thousands of attendees in dozens of countries on almost every continent (missing Africa and Antarctica at this point!).

I’d love to add your logo below — that means we’ve met and we’ve done some important things together. Thank you!