Tipton Speaks | Bob Tipton, Keynote Speaker, Transformational Change, Strategy, Leadership, Organizational Performance
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My Clients / My Messages

I’ve had the privilege to speak to 100s of groups in dozens of countries over the years, and I’d be eager to have the chance to share my inspiring, action-oriented, tried-and-true message around creating and sustaining change with you and your group.


My keynote presentations are focused with one idea in mind: deliver a memorable, insight-rich experience that’s packed with immediately-useful information for attendees. I’m a practicing change architect, and you can be assured my messages are filled with real-world, practical advice.


My workshops are intentionally designed with one idea in mind: full ownership of group-developed, transformational outcomes. It’s a rare opportunity when an organization devotes time for groups to work together in a workshop setting, and I make sure your time is 100% worth it.


My leadership retreats are structured with one idea in mind: reaffirm an organization’s core values as you develop a set of relevant, actionable, prioritized, and resourced, strategies and actions. I’m skilled at mitigating egos AND driving alignment within boards, committees, and executive teams! 

My Books

My messages relate to creating and sustaining transformational change through counter-culture ideas and expansive thinking.

What’s Right, not Who’s Right – a simple shift to end the world’s madness

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What if you could stop the madness in the world through a simple shift?


(COMING SOON – October 2017) Unfortunately, we’re losing our collective humanity through our addiction to “being correct” instead of “being connected.” Far too much time is wasted—in business, family life, education, etc.—because we are mired in urination contests, in endless debate, in bickering, politicking, and posturing. We create unproductive and toxic conflict through our need to be right.


What’s the simple shift?       


Let’s listen first. Let’s empathize and walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. Let’s treat each other with dignity and respect. Let’s regain our own humanity, and honor the humanity in others.


Let’s focus on “What’s Right, not Who’s Right” instead.


The madness will end!

JUMP! – Get Unstuck, Extraordinary Life Breakthroughs through Innovative Change

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The “Status Quo Bias” . . . is a deadly condition.  Do YOU have it?


The pace and degree of change in the world shows no sign of slowing. As a result, your “targets” (survival, success, significance— whatever you’re looking for) are moving faster, higher, and farther out of reach.


To get ahead, and stay ahead, it’s time to foster and develop a new relationship with the status quo, the “deadly condition” that unfortunately continues to provide you with the same, old results. JUMP!, and its four stages of innovative change, will arm you with new insights, new approaches, and better tools to help you rapidly create more satisfaction, more joy, and more success in your life and in your organization.


JUMP!’s leadership fable, a tale of discovery and human triumph, is a compelling, inspiring story steeped in real-life wisdom. The JUMP! Innovative Change Model is a high-level yet comprehensive depiction of the tools and approaches used “behind the scenes” in the story.